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The City of Palm Coast received “Gold Certification” from the Florida Green Building Coalition and became the first certified Green City in Northeast Florida.

Florida’s Best Kept Secret.

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Palm Coast was developed by ITT Community Development Corporation. Since 1970 when Palm Coast was first established ITT spent more than 2 billions dollars to build roads, central water, central sewer systems and etc. Palm Coast was developed as a fully balanced, quality residential and industrial community in which residents can fully enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle and the natural beauty of the land.

The climate here is subtropical with only three seasons. The average annual temperature is 78 degrees and average humidity 65%. Almost every single day is sunny and beautiful. Ocean proximity softens the air, when it's hot or cool.

Palm Coast has all the natural blessings of great place to live. Miles of clean, uncrowded beach. Lush oak, palm and pines make the air healthy and fresh. Miles of salt water and fresh water canals. The Intracoastal Waterway. Convenient access to most of Florida’s famous attractions.

There are excellent schools, championship golf courses, stylish housing of every description, houses of worship, shopping malls and plazas, restaurants, tennis centers, bike path and business parks.

Currently, the City of Palm Coast has a population just about 95,000 residents and for years it was rated as one of the fastest growing area in US.

Fun, active recreation and leisure are all in abundance here. Enjoy relaxing strolls and bike rides along the many trails carved among the most beautiful scenery in Florida. Relax at our shoreline and enjoy the Florida sunshine. 

Now a vibrant and thriving city, Palm Coast is diverse in all aspects: race, religion, culture, age and demographics. Commerce has grown to make this not only an attractive place to live, but also a great place to bring your businesses. 
Palm Coast is an especially good place for families. It’s active with young people. It’s perfect mix of retirees and young couples.

“It May Be The Perfect Place To Live” – Florida New Homes & Condominiums Guide.

A national magazine Where to Retire magazine has discovered that Palm Coast as one of the top places in the U.S. for retirees to live.

Florida Green Homes is the only one home builder in Palm Coast that offers luxury features in the standard package.

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