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Miss America Green HomesI was so excited to move into my new Florida Green Home. What happened next, I didn’t expect.

The very first thing I noticed is how quite it is. Virtually no outside noise. The surprises kept coming. Imagine opening up your electric bill for the very first time. Scary, at least for me. I thought surely there must be some kind of mistake. It had been very cold for about 12 days. I ran the heat, although it never seemed to be running. I opened my bill and to my amazement it was $36.00 dollars.

I was a first time home buyer, so I knew nothing about building one. Florida Green Homes held my hand every step of the way. Everything was explained to me from the construction to the inspection process. If I had questions, I was always able to call and get my questions.

My home is affordable. Prior to building with Florida Green Homes, I was renting. I could never get ahead with bills. In my new home, not only do I have a beautiful home, I have met exceptional people who honestly care and are committed to the best home possible.

I fully endorse Florida Green Homes. Isn’t it time you build a green home?

Thank you for all you do.

Amanda Mazzie, Miss American Renaissance, 2009

"This home is absolutely amazing. I had called FPL to complain about my latest electric bill, which is the highest it's ever been here at $81.00 and they laughed at me. Apparently, most people's bills this month becuase of the cold snaps were over $300.00. My house is over 2,300 SF, and I normally pay about $50.00. The temperature in the home just seems to stay the same, and the heat or the air hardly ever come on, which to me is unheard of in Florida. I have been here for almost one year, and I can't imagine not living in a Green Home now. It's not just the savings.

The home is clean, quiet and comfortable through and through. I suffer from allergies to pollen, and for the first time in many years, my allergies don't bother me when I am at home. When I am outside if the pollen is high - I am sneezing like a madman, but then I go home, and it's like there is not a speck of pollen in the air.

My advice to anyone thinking of building or buying a home - wherever you are - opt for a Green Home. You'll never want to live any place else. And if you are in this part of Florida, build with Florida Green Homes - they are beautiful, affordable fortresses...Literally."
Matthew Rinaldi, elementary school teacher, living in a Florida Green Home


Why I have decided to invest money in construction of a green house instead of purchasing a house foreclosure? Before I made my investment decision, I have carefully studied the real estate market to answer the following questions:

1. What house can I buy today with a budget that is available to me for construction of the green house?

2. What is the potential return on this investment?

I had a choice to buy a house foreclosure or short sale. However, every house that has been offered to me was 10-15 years old. In order for me to rent this house to tenants, I have to spend $4,000-$5,000 for repairs and updates. With each new tenant renting, further repairs will be needed. I plan to sell the house in 8-10 years. By that time, this house bought in foreclosure will be 15-20 years old and once on the market further repairs upwards of $30,000-$35,000 are likely. Total expenses for 8-10 years will accumulate upwards of $45,000-$50,000.

For example, if I were to invest in a foreclosed house, how will this house compete with the more modern and updated efficient green houses? The majority of consumers in the next decade will invest in more economic, healthy, efficient and ecologically safe houses as green technology advances, diversifies and is made more readily available to the consumer market. To sell the house bought in foreclosure, the purchased value of the house with repairs and upgrades will not sustain the new green housing market, thus resulting in reducing its value and market price to compete with more desirable and increasingly abundant green homes.

I have tallied all expenses for the maintenance of such a house and have come to the conclusion that this investment is not favorable to me. Therefore, I have decided to invest in the new green construction for a discounted price. Green features and technology give additional value to a house for ecological reasons, energy efficiency, sustaining livability and investment value. As an investor, I understand that I bought a green home today, at the price of a traditional one and I’ve received a $30,000 discount on all green structural features. With all future savings, I double my investment in purchasing a green home, maximum the return on my investment.

Vadim Safronov, Investor. 2 Eric Dr., Palm Coast


I have been always very considerate of an environment and have been a member of a “Green Party” for many years. Our world promptly becomes soiled, resources are exhausted. Unfortunately, construction process can lead to environment and ecosystem destruction.

It is known that the modern person spends at the house more than 85 % of time. There is a question: whether it is possible to create such house in which residing conditions would be approached to the ideal as much as possible? It appears to be possible. These houses are called "Green". Green homes have such doubtless advantages as harmony with an environment, economy of energy, water, materials and resources, quality of water and pure air.

There is an opinion that green construction – is a whim of wealthy people. New technologies are more expensive than the traditional methods used by decades, but calculations show that in 8-10 years the choice of a "green" house pays off and also an ownership of such a house starts to make a profit. Florida Green Homes proved that construction of a green house doesn’t cost me more than the construction of traditionally built one. I am very happy with my choice of a green house which keeps my family in good health and is environment friendly. Also it is really important to me that my house is hurricane resistant and is very quite.

Construction of green houses remains the main world tendency of our time. "Green houses" are houses being in harmony with environment and people living in them.

Eugene Pan, Systems Administrator for NY Post IT Department


After the house has been built.
I've contracted Florida Green Homes to build my first house. Not only the place was built in shortest time and went above and beyond all my expectations, but this absolutely beautiful house was also rented out right away thanks to the green technology used. My rental income is at least $100 more than an average price of the same sized house. I am extremely happy to own a green home made by such knowledgeable, friendly and helpful team from Florida Green Homes. I can now look forward to the future because the future is Green Homes.

Thank you!

Eugene Pan, Systems Administrator for NY Post IT Department

We moved to the green home in May, 2009 and absolutely love it. We are so very happy in our new home. We feel like the air is much cleaner and my husband who has suffered from allergies, hasn’t had any issues at all since we moved. 

Our old electric bill used to be $200 and plus on good months and sometimes $400 if we ran the AC or heater a lot for smaller house than we live now. We are very pleased with our new electric bill which is usually less than $150 a month for a family of 5 with 3 small children and a house size of 2,400 sq. ft. living area and heights of ceiling of 10-12 ft. We absolutely love our new green home and couldn’t be living any where else. Perfect choice, green homes are simply the best!
Sierra and Stephen Taylor

“I’ve lived in a Florida Green Home for 2 years now and would like to share some valuable information with the many people who are unaware of the real advantages of living in this type of home.  To me most importantly and first of all my son’s allergies have gotten much better since we moved in here. There is just something in the air, it feels refreshing, I love living here, I’m sure it’s all the certified healthy interior features.  On top of all that good stuff I save about $300 per month on my utility costs compared to my old home of similar size.  I recommend Florida Green Homes to anyone looking for an affordable, luxury or custom builder in Florida.”  
Pearvenia Hill


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